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The Alpaca Ranch House – Insides

House - Main Living Area

The main living space of the Ranch House with dining for six and a full, modern kitchen.

House - Kitchen

Updated kitchen with gas range/oven, large microwave, wide fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker, and all the pots/pans plates/utensils you need to make dinner!

House - Living Room

Comfortable living room with large screen Smart TV, DVD/Blu-ray, WiFi, electric fireplace, and more

House - Main Bedroom

Main Bedroom with a queen bed, large closet, dresser, easy plug access at the bed side tables for chargers, and more.

House - Second Bedroom

Second Bedroom with two full beds, large closet, dresser, clothes washer/dryer, easy plug access at the bed side table for chargers, and more.

An Epic Alpaca Experience!

An Epic Alpaca Experience

Enjoy these wonderful creatures up close in your own Epic Alpaca Experience!

Making Friends

A young lady makes friends with Spencer the alpaca

Alpaca Love!

Some of the sweetest creatures you'll ever meet!

Some Rare Alpacas!

Even see some adorable rare colored alpacas in the largest herd in California

Helping with Chores

The alpacas look on as a visitor helps with a little of their feeding

Llama Whispers...

FiFi the llama whispers secrets to a visitor during a selfie

Alpacas Everywhere

With 250+ alpacas, you'll get to see them in every shape and size!

Getting Up Close

Alpacas, being curious and sweet as they check out the visitors and bestow them with "nose kisses"

Alpaca Kisses!

A visitor and Valentine say Hello

Other Animals of the Alpaca Ranch House

Peacock in Full Color

One of the male peacocks at the ranch showing his full colors

Tommy Bahama the Llama

Tommy Bahama the Llama standing guard on his favorite rock

Valkyrie the Clydesdale

Valkyrie (Valli) the Clydesdale enjoying some fresh green grass in Spring

Turkey Vulture

One of the many majestic birds that live and frequent the ranch

Highland Cows

Beautiful, fuzzy cows!

Zelda the Zonkey

One of the top animal attractions at the ranch, Zelda the Zonkey (half zebra, half donkey)

Mr. Egret

Bald Eagle

Sunrises and Sunsets

Morning Rays of Sunshine

Summer Sunset in August

Sunrise in Spring

Sunrise in Fall

Sunset over the Pond

Sunset with the Alpacas

The Moon Setting

Wildflowers in Spring & Summer

A Field of Flowers