The Alpaca Experience

Of course all the other stuff at the Ranch House is cool, but let’s be real…we know you’re here for the alpacas!

The Alpaca Ranch House offers an area dedicated to our guests to go in and enjoy during any time of the day. Here you’ll find a number of friendly, silly, adorable alpacas to interact with.

The alpaca group you’ll be spending your time with are all young males, generally aged 6-14 months of age. They all have different personalities, ranging from very friendly to quite shy. Alpacas don’t generally like to be petted like dogs or cats, but they do enjoy checking out the funny humans and cautiously approaching to say Hi…maybe even blessing you with a sweet “nose kiss”.

Alpacas are timid by nature, so please be cautious and avoid sudden movements when interacting with them as they can be frightened. Remember when you’re with them, they’re quite harmless and are more afraid of you than you are of them!

Please observe all rules around the alpacas. We will not tolerate any abuse or endangerment of the animals.